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Why Total Stockfeeds is the best choice for animal nutrition

We are a passionate supporter of the Australian Agricultural Industry and are proudly Australian owned and operated.

Australian owned and operated for over twenty years, Total Stockfeeds is one of Australia’s leading and most experienced and reputable suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters of dairy based animal nutritional products, Total Stockfeeds provides quality nutrition for animals in both the domestic and international stockfeed markets. We competitively source and supply quality dairy and non-dairy ingredients for our loyal and widespread customers, and are proud to be supporting the Australian Agricultural Industry.


Central to the success of Total Stockfeeds is our commitment to providing long-term business profitability to our local and global customers by optimising the health and evolvement of your herd. Our innovative technology ensures improved animal health and nutrition through the consistent delivery of our premium products offerings and unmatched service.


Total Stockfeeds certify a highly accomplished sales team who are devoted to working with our customers needs. We have an affirmed track record for guaranteed quality, value, and support to all of our customers businesses. Our fully integrated systems for sourcing, producing, warehousing, product development, and efficient delivery can ensure your business will have long-term access to our comprehensive range of quality stockfeed products and ingredients.


Our Technical & Sales Team are happy to assist in finding the right high performance product to custom fit your requirements.


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